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Unique Soccer Cooperations GmbH has made its business to accompany or support ambitious clubs in the context of projects with a focus on the sports sector as well as in the context of structural and economic challenges; our international relationships with soccer clubs all over the world form a decisive added value. Our global network contributes significantly to the success of projects in economically essential areas such as optimizing the market value of players through the development of sustainable international club partnerships or the development of sustainable training programs for academies, as well as innovative topics such as the establishment and expansion of women’s soccer departments.

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Our many years of experience in handling projects & transactions, holding positions and providing legal advice to football clubs – show very clearly that there is definitely potential for optimization in the vast majority with regard to important components for development at crucial interfaces between football and business enterprises as well as in the creation of human resources or professional management structures. It is exactly at these crucial interfaces that our company offers added value to the clubs. Unique Soccer Cooperations advises and supports in structural development, especially in the areas of: Value creation through transfers at professional and youth level and the financing of transfers & infrastructure (academy/stadium). We also accompany the clubs in innovative topics such as: Marketing, E-Sports and ESG.



The know-how of our founders & associates and our permanent observation of various innovative approaches brings football clubs together on an international level to form partnerships at eye level with added value for all cooperation parties. We can avoid the inclusion of false trends and short-lived hypes through sound analysis of potential partners paired with the necessary outside view of the club. The choice of an appropriate cooperation partner with a reasonable use of existing resources is of high importance for the chances of success of a strategic alliance not only in business, but also in sports. For cooperation partners in professional soccer, a detailed analysis of their own business situation and the resulting objectives for holistic further development is very significant. The approach of possible partners is explicitly adjusted to this by Unique Soccer Cooperations. Our worldwide network of contacts enables us to approach adequate partners.



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As part of our consulting mandates, we offer clubs assistance in achieving the greatest possible financial flexibility as needed. Together, we develop customized financing solutions. In doing so, we follow a holistic consulting and service approach that focuses on the needs of our clients. Our focus ranges from loans and credit lines to more complex off-balance sheet structures and more difficult transactions. We also develop concepts for direct investments within the club and in infrastructure. Upon request, we review the acquisition of investors & shareholders, optimize banking relationships & insurance services.


In the following business areas we analyze and optimize processes:


  • Legal & Sports
  • Budget & clearing circles
  • Representation of interests / control functions
  • Development of personnel plans – concepts
  • Internal organization


In New Business & Marketing we accompany our clients in the implementation in the following areas:


  • ESG / CSR issues
  • social media
  • E-Sports
  • NFT Crypto

Service Catalog

In the field of transfers, we focus on the development of international cooperations between football clubs worldwide in order to create value through transfers at the professional and junior level. In addition, we provide legal advice to clubs worldwide on the drafting of professional transfer agreements, taking into account current FIFA regulations and FIFA reforms as well as certain priorities, in particular with regard to special clauses for the professional and junior levels.

In the field of training, we analyze training situations as needed and advise on optimization, taking into account digital tools for structuring, optimization and modernization.


Upon request, we organize the following events:


  • Friendly matches
  • Preparation tournaments
  • training camps

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